Worried Teenage Girl In Bedroom With Pregnancy Testing Kit

Solution To No Pregnancy

In the present era of advanced science and technology, scientist’s world over have been busy in working over various new projects in each and every field. Researches, experiments, discoveries and so much more has been under the process. Similarly, the problem of pregnancy is faced by 15% of the couples. Maybe it has other reasons such as male infertility or female infertility or any so called phobia as well. These issues have also been resolved through treatments.


the IVF treatment that is the in vitro fertilization, is actually a treatment in which the female ovule is monitored. It is a long process it may take from 2-8 months as well. But it is not necessary that it would definitely give results in the first attempt. Sometimes it may take 2-3 attempts while some times it may not give any result. It is found to be dependent about a specific female age.


One should know about the process and what it demands before referring to a proper doctor. In the process, they remove the ovule from women’s ovary and then fertilize it with the sperm of the partner.it requires day to day checkup to ensure the weight, blood pressure and other things as well.


The health must be kept in check, you will be needed to constantly stay monitored under a doctor with blood tests and ultra sounds as well. removing alcohol, tobacco and other harmful things in your diet becomes a must during ivf treatment. One must take multiple blood tests before head as well to be surer of it.


In the case of IVF pregnancy, the physical changes and effects are shown more often. This includes pain in the lower abdominal area, cramps, bloating in the pelvic area and also breast tenderness. But these may be minor.


It has been noticed that there’s a 1-2 % more chance of birth complications in IVF treatment than that the normal birth. It may cause multiple child birth or so. But as mentioned by Dr. Hudson, that it depends more on the nature of fertility but not on the treatment.

It takes a whole lot of patience and hope in this process. Also stay kind to your body during the process because it needs a lot of attention at the moment.